The curriculum model used at CECD is Creative Curriculum, which is based on the philosophy that children learn by active involvement with peers and adults through the use of developmentally appropriate materials in the learning environment. The classrooms at CECD are rich in opportunities for children to be independent and make choices, thereby resulting in their developing into independent thinkers and decision-makers. A consistent daily routine allows for the smooth transition from one activity to another. It also allows for children to predict and plan for the things that are about to happen. The classroom team observes and acts on the differing needs of each child, their abilities, interests, and pacing levels. Classrooms are set up to accommodate easy access to materials that are all age appropriate. Classroom staff supports the ongoing process of emerging literacy.

Children are provided with the time, space and materials to make their own literacy discoveries. Staff respects and builds on children’s home language skills while providing opportunities for them to learn English language skills. Multi-cultural books and materials are implemented into the Daily Lesson Plan to reflect the diversity of the children.

Two computers in each classroom allow the children the opportunities to explore 21st century technology. Two playgrounds, one in the front yard and one in the back yard, are the children’s “outdoor classroom.” The play yards meet all of the safety standards, including padding on the ground.